ACS/ARES provides communication services for a number of community and charity events each year.

(Back, left to right) Steve Gillis-KZ6H, Sue Hanson-N6OIZ, Rob Hanson-W6RH, Tom Stough-W0UFC, Robert Hunley-KK6VQO, Dean Nedelman-K6DIN, Jonathan Fox-KT6LA. (Front, left to right) James Inman-KB6JI, Pat Holsinger-KM6HHC, Zak Cohen-N6PK, Stu Sheldon-AG6AG, Kat Hunley-K6VQN, Andy Ludlum-K6AGL, Valerie Fox-KI6KIN.

Area 2 provided communication services for the Conejo Valley Crop Walk on March 1, 2020.