April 30th µField Day

µField Day Site

µField Day (“Micro Field Day”) is a monthly meeting put on by the BORED Net controllers. And it’s back again…this time April 30th from 11:00am to 3:00pm. This is a special meeting, since we’re holding the event with the new Cal State Channel Islands Amateur Radio Club on the CSUCI campus. It’s still a chance to blow the dust off your mobile radios, practice with your Field Day setup (it’s almost June) and hang around with other hams like usual. It’s also a chance to show the members of the new club and the rest of the college community what we’re capable of doing with a portable setup, both with HF and VHF/UHF and emergency comms. The club has plans for their own radio room complete with a mast and HF radios (as well as possibly building an EOC on campus), so let’s make sure they get a good look at the things we do!

The BORED Net µField Days are also a great opportunity for newer hams to see different setups in use, or to bring their own equipment for help. They’re open to everyone in the county, from all clubs (or not affiliated with any club), licensed, or just interested. They’re largely social, but the radios are the thing. At the last meeting, we had seven HF stations operating. Two hams even brought their new HF radios that they hadn’t been able to try out at home yet and were able to get attached to antennas and get on the air. It’s a great chance to see some of the options available to new operators as they grow with the hobby, and a great chance for everyone to do a little elmering.

The event is at Big Rock Park on the CSUCI campus. This is just inside the north entrance to the campus and is extremely easy to access. We’ll be on grass, and there are plenty of trees to toss antennas. Jason Miller-KM6PSZ, is the founder of the new club and did a great job in arranging and securing this site.

From the 101, take Lewis Road south for 1.8 miles to Camarillo Street, and turn east. After about 1.5 miles, just as you enter Campus, Big Rock Park is on the left at the corner of Rincon Drive. Turn left on Rincon, and right into the first parking lot. This lot (and all others) will have a kiosk where a parking pass can be purchased to put on the dashboard of your car. Parking is $6 for the entire day.

Unload first at the site and then park.  If you need a hand moving things from your car to the site call Keith Elliott-W6KME at 805-208-5655 and I will have my large wagon to help haul gear. I will also help organize carpools if anyone is interested.

GPS coordinates for the site itself: 34.164916, -119.042538. GPS coordinates for the recommended parking lot: 34.164055, -119.041669 (the kiosk is in the southwest corner of this lot.)

Keith W6KME