April 30th µField Day

µField Day Site

µField Day (“Micro Field Day”) is a monthly meeting put on by the BORED Net controllers. And it’s back again…this time April 30th from 11:00am to 3:00pm. This is a special meeting, since we’re holding the event with the new Cal State Channel Islands Amateur Radio Club on the CSUCI campus. It’s still a chance to blow the dust off your mobile radios, practice with your Field Day setup (it’s almost June) and hang around with other hams like usual. It’s also a chance to show the members of the new club and the rest of the college community what we’re capable of doing with a portable setup, both with HF and VHF/UHF and emergency comms. The club has plans for their own radio room complete with a mast and HF radios (as well as possibly building an EOC on campus), so let’s make sure they get a good look at the things we do!

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KM6ZJK (Bruce Schubert) SK

Bruce Schubert-KM6ZJK has passed away. He had been battling cancer for some time  His intellect and kindness will be missed.

He was an ARES member in Ventura and had great technical skills. A celebration of Bruce’s life will be held at 11 A.M. on Tuesday, April 19th at Coastline Bible Church, 426 S. Mills Road, in Ventura. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Ventura County Library READ Adult Literacy Program.

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HT Evaluation Day

Have you ever wondered if your HT was working to it’s full capability? Is it transmitting within FCC guidelines? The Ventura County Amateur Radio Society will be evaluating up to two HTs per amateur on Saturday April 23rd in the parking lot of ACT USA in Newbury Park.

We are taking appointments so please select a time on this form and we will contact you to confirm and provide more info.


If you have any questions please respond back to me directly,

Stu Sheldon-AG6AG


Volunteers Needed For Santa to the Sea Marathon

The Santa to the Sea Marathon is coming up on the 12th of December. I still need volunteers! This event can be done with no more than an HT. It’s a great training ground for new operators, but can also have challenges that will test seasoned veterans.

If you want to be a part of this great event, just drop me an email at stu@ag6ag.org and let me know! Looking forward to working with all of you on the last big event of 2021!


California ShakeOut Exercise Set For October 23

Exercise plan and timeline:

  • Exercise has a digital element consisting of Winlink messages (DYFI and Welfare via VHF and HF, and a phone element using VHF simplex
  • Date: Saturday Oct 23rd
  • Simulated Quake timeline 9:15am approx.
    • Winlink activity 9:15 to 10 am, VHF/HF as you are able
      • Check your house as you would if there had been a real quake.
      • Send DYFI message to USGS, CC to dyfi@vccomm.org
      • In the Optional Exercise Field of the DYFI form, please enter” SOCAL ARES Shakeout 2021.”
      • Send a welfare message to your out-of-town friends and family.  Members are encouraged to send messages for their neighbors.
    • Phone Simplex VHF check-in 10 to 11am, using 145.615 MHz, VC ACS/ARES Channel 19
      • Rob, W6RH, will go up to Rasnow and call for check ins.  This is a good opportunity to see who you can hear across the county.
  • Email updates via CVARC main group

Volunteers Needed for Share the Road Ride

The Share the Road Ride will take place on Saturday October 2, 2021.

I still need four (4) volunteers for fixed aid stations:

  • Need to have a dual band 50-watt radio (144/440)
  • Antenna mast and antenna (should be able to go up at least ten (10) feet (more is better).
  • Power to run the station for eight (8) hours
  • Pop-up shelter is really handy

I need one (1) volunteer to ride with the event people:

  • Need to have dual band radio (144/440) with power cable to cigarette lighter
  • Mag mount antenna
  • APRS radio, power cables, mag mount antenna
  • I can provide one if you don’t have a portable APRS station

This is one of Ventura County’s big events for the year, so I would really like to be able to fully support it.

If you can help, please let me know soonest.

Many thanks in advance.

Email Steve King-KE6WEZ

EC Area 1 Simi Valley

Silent Key Picnic Set For September 4

Saturday September 4th is the first annual Silent Key Picnic put on by the people behind the BORED Net.

Ventura County is lucky to have such a large ham radio community that extends beyond all of our clubs and organizations. Whenever someone is lost, it affects the entire community, not just those people who were closest. Over the last year and a half, the BORED Net has turned into a touching point for all the hams in the county, so it seemed like it would be a good fit if we were to organize an annual event where we could gather and remember those who aren’t with us any longer. This isn’t intended to be a traditional memorial. Instead, it will be a chance to tell stories, remember friends, and spend some time with our larger county-wide community.

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Hams Needed for Wings Over Camarillo

Operators are need for the Wings Over Camarillo airshow Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22 at Camarillo Airport. This is an HT only event. Operators will provide “eyes and ears” and communication support for the show.

If you are interested, please sign-up via this website:


The ham radio positions are password protected. For the password or more information, contact Avi Carmi-K6AVI at avi@carmi.us or 805-616-2636.

ACS-ARES District Meeting July 12 on Zoom

Below is the information about our virtual ACS-ARES meeting for July 12, 2021 (delayed one week due to holiday.)  Please note that it starts at 7:00 P.M. (1900 PDT) rather than our traditional 7:30 for in-person meetings.

The meeting is open to all, members, non-members and the curious. Anyone interested in what we do is encouraged to attend. Feel free to pass on this information to others you believe might be interested. This is a chance to put a face to the people you may only know as a voice on the radio while remaining safely at home. We look forward to hearing about your unique Ham experience during this difficult time.

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